I am moving…

…my personal blog from mac.com to Blogger.com. The transition is not done and there are these few steps that I need to complete:

1. setup dns for wanja.com to point to danielwanja.blogspot.com
2. setup MarsEdit so I can easily post new entries.
3. finalize the template to use.

Now why in this of micro blogging (aka Twitter and co) does one still want to start a blog. Call me oldy :-) but from time to time I like to write about gadgets, software, and geek things that are not relevant to my other blogs and where I want to expand a little beyond 140 characters. So my next blog post will be when step 1 and 2 above has been completed. In the mean time I will soon add more Rails related content to http://onrails.org and will continue to expand http://flexonrails.com for all matter related to using Flex with Ruby on Rails, and launch this site in conjunction with the print version of my (and Tony’s) Flex on Rails book.


October sky

I was just going through some of my digital photos when some picture that where taken end of October catch my attention. This was taken from my balcony…amazing how Colorado can be pretty.