Atom - by Noah

Graffiti by Noah

Haha, our basement was filmed and Kathy was interviewed by Harlow Granite

Just pre-order my LEAP motion controller. Seems pretty precise at detecting hand and finger motion.

Sony DSC‑RX100. My Next Camera?

Since I signed up to everpix I can now carry all my 20’000 personal photos in my pocket (iPhone). It’s pretty fun to be able to watch the photos of your kids over time. What stroke me is that many of my older photos where way nicer than the one I take with my current iPhone.  I used to carry a Canon 40D with me and it still makes great photos but since the iPhone 4S and 5 I was just using my iPhone for all my photos. Somehow a DSLR with Zoom is better than an iPhone, unless you don’t have it with you. Seem that a new breed of smaller portable cameras could fill the gap. Still easy to carry in your pocket and better photos that  you phone camera. I’m considering the Sony Cyber‑shot DSC‑RX100

See a review here.

Any thoughts?

Moving from Posterous to Tumblr.

I just was notified that Posterous is shutting down so I’m moving to Tumlbr. This is my private blog and I like to use it to post on subject that are not relevant to my business blogIn the past I also used tumblr for my AwsUsageAnalyzr project and really enjoyed the flexibility. So once my DNS will propagate, this can take up to 72 hours, will be server by Tumblr. So let’s see if I can find an easy way to move my old posts over. 

The Incredibly Shrinking Arduino Nano 3.0 I need one of these :-) 

The Incredibly Shrinking Arduino Nano 3.0

Sneak peek of Usage Report tool for Amazon Web Services™

Sneak peek of Usage Report for Amazon Web Services™ from daniel wanja on Vimeo.

Moving to tumblr from blogger.

I played with tumblr for one of the app I am writing and just liked the tool so much that I will move my old personal blog to tumblr and point to tumblr. Now I just need to see if I can transfer (my rather useless) content over.


Update 1/9

I found a software to import ( Unfortunately it imported only half of my old entries. So I copied a few in a manual way and the others…none where really worth too much ;-)

So now I will see how to enable comments. Via discuss I believe. And move it to

Vampires bite your Neck - by Noah Wanja

44, Father’s Day and Summer

Wow, what a day. I turned 44, yea! and with 3 kids father day was a blast. It was a beautiful day in Denver for the first day of summer. We went to the pool. I had some good old friends come by, Didier and Elaine, and we just hang out, finished the day with on the terrace with a nice “Fondue Chinoise” and some really good wine. Of course I also did a quick ride on my new birthday present:

It was a pretty good day indeed.

"I feel good!"… My two guys trying to do lip syncing

We went to the mall and Noah was fascinated by a DancingHeads booth, which allows to do green screen video recording. So we gave it a spin.

"I feel good!"… My two guys trying to do lip syncing from daniel wanja.

Windows 7

It has been a long time since I used Windows. But couldn’t avoid it any longer as I have to debug some JavaScript issues in IE8 so I downloaded the new Windows 7…and that’s how I was welcomed:

Google Chrome for OSX.

Several features are unavailable…Well, no Flash out of the box either. So o many website that show videos (news, screencasts, …) are just not working. And many website I develop that integrate Flex and Javascript won’t work either. So I’lll have to wait for the next version, to bad…it’s a cool browser.

Which Bike?

This is the time in my life where I will go back to riding a bike. Yea!. Some may call it midlife crisis :-), my wife calls it crazy, I just call it fun. Now I was rinding on a engine with two wheels since I am 14. I had mopeds, two Vespas, a Suzuki GSX 750F, two Ducati’s 900, and nothing since 2002 since I got married and moved to the US. One thing in the US you cannot just pass cars in traffic as the police will eagerly arrest you and you cannot race on the Autobahn as I used to when I did trips to Germany to test how fast the bikes can go without breaking any laws. So I need to find something more settled down. I found the following two bikes that caught my eye.

The Triumph Bonneville is a retro styled bike with modern features. They call it Modern Classic. I saw one the other day, looks really good.

Another bike that caught my eye is the Honda Fury. I thought…That’s a great bike for my morning commute.

In the end looks it not everything, you gotta try them out. So I’ll put my behind on each of these and will decide where to go. But first I need to pass my US driver license as my Swiss one is not recognized here.